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Copper-based hot thread compound


gleitmo 160 Neu is a copper-coloured paste containing metals and mineral oil. The combination of mineral oil, a special thickener, heavy metal-free additives and solid lubricants provides this pasty high-temperature compound with excellent release properties. The oil evaporates above approx. 200 °C and leaves a dry lubricating film which is effective up to 1100 °C.

Fields of application

gleitmo 160 Neu is recommended for the preparation of threaded connections, pins, flanges, clearance fits, couplers, hinges and connectors as well as threads on the exhaust side of internal combustion engines.

In special cases, the paste can also be used as a grease. Examples are: oscillating joints and some plain bearings operated at slow speeds and high loads.

Please consult our application engineers before using this product for such applications.

Method of application

Apply gleitmo 160 Neu (Art.-Nr.:369) with a brush, cloth or sponge to the clean surfaces. gleitmo 160 Neu can also be used in grease guns.

  • temperature range: -30 / +1100 °C
  • excellent corrosion protection by the oil components
  • eliminates the seizure and welding of ferrous metal connections
  • excellent separation properties



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